Dooner Pledges Office Hours

Dooner Pledges Office Hours

Taunton, MA…Today Kelly Dooner, candidate for City Council, announced that she will hold regular office hours once elected to the City Council.

“As the next member of the Taunton City Council, I want to be accessible and available to receive as much public input as possible. Which is why I will hold regular office hours,” said Dooner.

Dooner wants Taunton residents to be able to speak freely about their concerns. She believes that people need more than the 3 minutes provided in the open comment section of each City Council meeting. Office hours will allow people direct access to discuss in length any issue they are having within Taunton.

“Like Mayor O’Connell, I will be a hands-on City Councilor. I will be the voice of the people on the City Council,” added Dooner.

Dooner will hold her office hours in the evenings so people can speak with her after work. She will hold them in multiple locations to make it easy for people to attend.

Dooner is endorsed and supported by Mayor Shaunna O’Connell and City Council President Chris Coute.

Dooner’s platform includes:

✓ Reviving the local economy and helping grow local jobs;
✓ Strengthening public safety;
✓ Keeping Taunton affordable;
✓ Helping seniors and veterans; and
✓ Transparency, the people come first.

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